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   Zhucheng million billiton food machinery co., LTD,Is a set design、Manufacture and sale of food machinery professional enterprise。Since its establishment,Company consistent implementation“Your needs is our pursuit”The development of the policy,Conception in“Making innovation、Pragmatic”Job purpose,Continuous research and development products suitable for the needs of the market,For the majority of customers with the most advanced products。

   My company mainly produces sales vegetable processing equipment、Pasteurization machine、Pickles processing equipment、Cleaning the wind line、The dryer、Clean vegetables processing line、Seafood processing equipment、Quick-frozen fruit and vegetable processing equipment、The washing basket machine、Wash the bag machine、Cooking machine、Corn processing assembly line and various auxiliary equipment。Million billiton food machinery with the scientific management system and the high quality products,And good sales and the whole technical service in the industry of its own,Widely acclaimed by customers all over the country。We base on a high starting point、Big investment、High level operation,Adhere to high standards、Zero defect、Refinement,Seize every link of development,To good quality,Million billiton brand with good service。




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