• Company's mainQ235BRound steel,Q345BRound steel,45#Round steel,20crRound steel,40crRound steel,Products are complete in specifications,Round steel has a large number of spot,Factory direct sale,The qualification authentication,Round steel quality is good,Price concessions,Specializing in the production,Trustworthy,Welcome to inquire.
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Company profile
   My company as the shandong round steel inventory spot professionalq235BRound steel,10#Round steel,q345BRound steel,35#Round steel,45#Round steel,20crRound steel,40crRound steel etc all kinds of round steel, factory direct sale。Perfect solves the customer does not know where to sell round steel、Where can buy cheap high quality round steel。The company take the quality as the fundamental,A will made in good faith,Sorrow and the sorrow of the client first,After the prosperity of the client,Build the steel supply chain in China、And the national each big round steel production manufacturers have established a spot purchase channel and order,First for our company to ensure the supply of customer material is the first-class quality;All purchasing steel round steel standards are carried outISO9000Quality control system,To enable customers to feel comfortable in the use of my company's material、Satisfied with it。Supply round steel、Alloy steel、Die steel、Tool steels、Bearing steel、High speed steel,Type of hot rolled round steel processing production materials for the users and cold-drawn round steel。And can be long-term cash supply all kinds of hot rolling round steel、Cold-drawn round steel and perennial agent all kinds of round steel。Company also processing all kinds of cold drawing hot rolled round steel material according to customer needs、Specifications processed into different size!And can be customized a variety of materials of various specifications of non-standard round steel!
    Origin:Steel、Shougang、LingGang、The Great Wall special steel、Xining special steel、Daye、Baosteel、Benxi steel、Tonghua、Pangang group、Taiyuan steel forging、Germany、The round steel imported from Japan。The product name:The combination of steel、Die steel、Bearing steel、Gear steel、High speed steel、Carbon steel、Carbon steel、With the steel、Carbon steel、Easy to cut steel、Yuan steel, alloy steel、Square steel、Billet、Steel ingot、Forgings, etc。
The company has a modern inventory space2000Square meters,Our company adheres to the quality strives for the survival,With the principle of credibility and development,Make product quality management。Sales network of radiation more than 20 provinces and cities。
    Over the years,In line with“The good faith management、Quality first”And“Social commitment、To create a win-win situation”Business creed。 Adhering to the“The first quality、Customer first、Technology first、Service first”The principle of,Always maintained a steady growth,Won numerous development advantage。Prestigious reputation、Excellence of products and strive to perfect service。
    Business philosophy:“Reputation first,The service is supreme”——Let the customers buy felt relieved,Use at ease。 
    Business purposes:“Take honestly as this,Mutually beneficial win-win”——With excellent products,Low price,Serves the masses of old and new customers...[More and more]
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