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Luan GuaPian·Spring lobster and Jin Annong special products meeting

A few days ago,Luan GuaPian·Spring lobster and Jin Annong special products meeting in hefei of shushan district held successfully。Luan municipal committee、Politics and law committee secretary gao,Jin 'an district committee, deputy secretary、Warden HuoShaoBin,Hefei of shushan district party committee of the standing committee、The deputy district chief Chen Huiping,Jin 'an district committee of the standing committee、Deputy district evergreen d chung,Jin 'an district people's congress standing committee, deputy director of shen hui,Head of shushan district about OuZhi units,Regarding luan and jin 'an district bureau of agriculture and rural areas、Valley, head of the center and entrepreneurs in hefei area、Purchaser representative altogether270People attend the meeting。

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How many money a kilo bat cave luan GuaPian?

Grain rain GuaPian is before the best harvest period。Luan GuaPian fresh tea on the market in general200-300Yuan can be bought,The bat cave near luan GuaPian cost up to800--1000Yuan a kilo is even higher,Very hot。

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