Nanjing Sheldon is Latin dance studio(Xinjiekou store),Was established2006Years3Month26Day,Art college,The international standard dance school for further study,The international dance teacher association member of intermediate,International professional Latin dance teacher wu Sheldon is Mr Bishop。
    NanjingSheldon is Latin dance studio was founded 13 years,Has trained tens of thousands of students,By radio and television reception desk top ten good faith professional Latin dance training units!There are four student was admitted to Beijing during the international standard dance academy,Many people was admitted to college of art;Successively43People get 1st China international standard dance Latin dance teachers' qualification,Many of them in his home city of Latin dance training schools and Latin dance training classes,Remarkable achievements!Such as:Jiangdu Latin dance studio teacher li li wei, director of the teacher,Xianlin sky dance art center ying-ying li, director of the teacher,A number of well-known Latin dance studio and Latin dance and Latin dance teacher, head of the training course,Once all Sheldon is Latin dance studio in nanjing training study;Three people get adult sports dance championshipCGroup of the first name and the country“The bridge cup”The national standard dance Latin dance Latin dance college students group gold medal city
Sheldon is Latin dance studio will be better and faster to reshape your body,Cultivate your temperament,Welcome you come into our classroom!Calling information13851474011

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