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Hangzhou near anchor technology co., LTD,Was founded2011Years,Located in the beautiful scenery of the western suburbs of hangzhou,Is a professional engaged in the research and development of product of plant growth lamp,Production,The sale is a body specialized production enterprise。

The products are mainly in the case of not enough natural light for light source added。In use process is mainly combined by crops of original growth characteristics,Proper fill light。Long sunshine crops according to their own daily needs more photos,Short day plants according to less,If natural light has been basically meet the demand for light the plant itself,Don't need to illuminate。Rational utilization of plant growth lamp,Can be listed in advance,Increase production,Save the land resources for the country,Effectively improve the economic benefit。Make products to be free,Green environmental protection。

The company after years of development,Its main products have a fruit and vegetable special lamp series、Leaf vegetables dedicated lamp、Seedling dedicated lamp。Company to produce first-class products,Create the first-class brand,Provide the first-class service for the business philosophy,Adopted advanced technology and equipment,Best-selling products at home and abroad market,By the experts and the customer the consistent high praise。

The company is committed to management system,With high quality、High level of elite team,To deepen the development of series of products,Improve the quality of the product,Actively explore the market both at home and abroad,And warmly welcome the consultation cooperation with friends from all walks of life at home。

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Sales hotline:0571-61099627 13805706339 The general manager:Yang Shanzhong

Customer service:08:30-17:00



Address:Zhejiang linan city Yang Qiao source in taihu town industrial park388Number

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