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HongShengGang rope has limited company is located in jieyang city,Nickname (s)“RongCheng”,Cities in guangdong province,Is located in the east of guangdong province,Rongjiang from downtown and Bridges,East of shantou city、Chaozhou,West shanwei cities,The south China sea in the south,North of meizhou city
Jieyang city known as the“Coastal turmoil”、“ The traditional Chinese painting of the township”、“ Playlet of the township”Good name,It is the birthplace of chaoshan culture,GuYi in guangdong province,Historical and cultural city in guangdong province,The national famous overseas Chinese hometown。Jie Yang Yang mei-yu is China's largest and most concentrated emerald jade processing base,There is“Jade is in Asia”And“China's hardware base city”Said。 Jieyang rich in tourism resources,There are jieyang floor、Recommending virtuous man、Huang Qishan、Jieyang east、Jie dong wan w、Beijing Ming hot spring resorts and other famous attractions。
HongShengGang rope has limited company is mainly engaged in:Guizhou dragon card,Jiangsu Wolf mountain brand,Anshan iron and steel rope。Products are specially USES in the elevator,Tower crane,Mine,Crane,Rotary digging pile,The dock,Fisheries,Steel strand,The deck crane cable and other projects,Processing and plug wire rope,Suppression of wire rope and rigging。
HongShengGang rope has a limited company is one of the largest steel rope supplier chaoshan area In line with Customer first,The principle of good faith is supreme,Has established the long-term cooperation with many famous enterprises。Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit、Inspection、Business negotiations。

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The new module

The new module

The new module

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Nantong wire rope

Nantong wire rope6*37  6*19 6*18

G80The chain
G80Lifting chain 6To the28Li lifting chain  Chain Magnetic chuck chain
Guizhou The Wolf mountain brand Special rope screw drivers
HongShengGang rope co., LTD., long-term cooperation with heavy engineering projects、Mine、Pile driving、The dock、Fisheries、Steel mills and other series

Jie Yang The city Hong Sheng Steel The rope There is Limit The male Department

League Department People :Yang Hong Tao
Hand Machine:1 5 0 1 4 5 8 1 1 2 2
The mailbox:77413145@qq.com

Address:Jieyang city RongCheng areas236Provincial highway bridge power next door to the leftA

         Jieyang city bridge power circle direction50MB
The warehouse:Jieyang city RongCheng district police station across the road straight into fairy bridge100M

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