Changning county longfeng housekeeping service co., LTD
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Changning county longfeng housekeeping service co., LTD,Changning county is the largest domestic service agencies,Commitment to changning county general family、Enterprises with nanny、Month sister-in-law、Maternal and child care、A maid、Move and other professional services。For at the same time Daily family comprehensive cleaning services、A new forest cleaning services、Property management in cleaning、Professional monthly、On site cleaning on a regular basis、Decorate example room cleaning、 The kitchen/Toilet cleaning and maintenance and other services【In more detail】

Changning county longfeng housekeeping service co., LTD. Is its most large domestic service agencies.Provide Chang Ningren nanny,Procter & gamble,Month sister-in-law,Health care workers,A maid,The nursery,To move,Home appliance cleaning maintenance and other professional home affairs service
Address:Changning county wing road elegant garden within The phone:13657474646
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